Healing My Childhood Wound With Candles

I also have a black one for power and a representation of strong masculine force in my life.

It’s all about the Yin and Yang energy.

Candle burning has been an ancient practice for thousands of years in many cultures around the world. The act of lighting a candle itself to me is already therapeutic and calming in addition to connecting me with my guardian angels from above. For many years now, I have been using candles to de-stress from a crazy day, to set a romantic mood for my inner feminine powers, but most importantly, a magical way to manifest my dreams into reality.  If you have been following my posts in the past year, you have seen that my vision of the sanctuary for the modern day goddess has come to life.

There are so many benefits in burning candles and I may share with you later on. But most recently, I have been burning white candles to heal a childhood wound that has been getting in the way of my love life. It is also a therapeutic way for me to connect to my soul in seeking clarity, truth, and spiritual enlightenment.

Recently, on one of my buying trips,  my angel 11, Lauviah led the way and I discovered Prosperity Candle, a company that supports women, is socially responsible, and whose mantra is to “help inspire a brighter future – homes full of light, gratitude, connection and community.”  Plus did I mention they make the most beautiful and therapeutic candles I have ever experienced in my life, and they last forever?  I really mean forever.  Contact us and we will share with you about that. Also like ours, their address has 11 in it!

While they provide my cozy creative home with light and warmth, these white candles also aid in healing me emotionally and spiritually. I hope you enjoy the photos below of the candles. We have them in many beautiful colors you can choose from. You must come for a visit at the santuary and hold one in your hands for the healing experience. Until next time.

This message Inside the packaging of these beautiful candles was meant for us.

This message Inside the packaging of these beautiful candles was meant for us.


Yin and Yang representation


Heal Your Wounded Heart With Music

IMG_8287It has been awhile since I have written. I have not been feeling much inspiration to write or blog lately. It could be the winter blues or the lack of Vitamin D. Perhaps my heart may be a bit wounded at the moment. I am taking this time to go deep within and do a little bit of soul searching and even a little life/relationship assessment on myself.  All I can say is that I am pleased with myself for putting the ego aside and letting my heart rule rather than my head. If you are going through what I am going through right now, I thought you might like some of my favorite songs below to help in healing your heart…candles, aromatherapy, and your dog or cat would help too. :)

Lord of the Rings – Evenstar

Lotus Secret Garden

Ajai Alai – Mirabai Ceiba

hMantra Music: Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur

RaMaDaSa – Snatam Kaur – Love Vibration

Karunesh-Monsoon’s Dance

Nini broken hearted too :(

Nini broken hearted too :(

Love is a Many-Splendored Thing

My daily love journal.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!  I hope you like the post earlier this week about the history of today. I am heading out to our sanctuary for our “Open Your Heart” event today celebrating LOVE. If you are in the Old Town … Continue reading