Reasons I Love My Forties


Owning it. photo by Charles Martin

Do you know people in their forties who are going through a midlife crisis or depression because they feel like they are missing out or living life without purpose? I definitely do. But who said being in your forties has to make you feel that way? How we live our life is a choice that we make. No one can force us to do anything that we do not want to do. So how are you choosing to live your life?

Moi, I feel my forties is my most powerful decade of all and I am actually looking forward to my fifties as well. Call me a late bloomer, but I have never felt more powerful, more confident, more fearless, more beautiful, and more aware of myself and what I want for my life.  Below are some of my reasons why being in my forties is so oh-so wonderful.

My dear forty-something goddesses, I hope you embrace this beautiful decade and take ownership of it. Don’t wait around for the right job, the right time, the right house, or the right titan to come to you. Become the right person and enjoy this time with yourself. And soon, you will attract everything that is right for you. Titans, that goes the same for you, too. Don’t ever allow anyone or anything to design your life for you.

Reasons why being forty-something feels so amazing!

  1. Confidence.  Nothing and no one else matters but you. There is no need to please anyone but yourself. When you own your confidence. You own everything else!
  2. Feminine Powers. I used to be criticized and made fun of for being overly feminine. So I would play it down and try to suppress my femininity.  Well, you know that did not last very long because being a feminine woman is part of the fun for me. I own it now. It’s the best feeling ever to just let your inner goddess express herself freely without any fear of judgement.
  3. Saying NO Comes Oh So Easily.  I know this does not sound good, but I used to say yes to everything and everyone because I felt bad about letting others down, and then I get stressed and resentful because I overcommitted myself. It really was an Asian-Catholic-eldest girl in the family kind of thing. But now, I think of “me first” as a priority before giving away a YES, and wow – what a difference it makes.
  4. Life Experiences. By now, I have added more to my goddess’s toolkit. Those experiences – the wins and the losses – made me a better person because I learned what to do and what not to do.
  5. Respect. I feel like I respect myself more and because of that, I have also noticed that others respect me more and listen to what I have to share.
  6. Higher Standards and Expectations. Some people lower their standards when they get older, but it’s the opposite for me. My standards are even higher than ever before and I don’t settle for anything less than quality…and that includes men! :)
  7. Owning My Sexuality. Growing up in a Vietnamese-Catholic family, sex was considered something bad and forbidden and only for procreation. I used to feel guilty if I showed any kind of sexuality or indulged in any sensual pleasures. I believe there was even a time where I dressed a bit more like a tomboy to hide my feminine and sensual aura because a fortune teller in Vietnam told my mother to watch over me as I will have many suitors and am the most vulnerable to being taken advantage of out of her three daughters. Oh boy, was she wrong! :) Believe it or not, I used to feel guilty when boys looked at me or liked me. It was bad, but I never showed that it really bothered me much. That’s probably why I did not experience my first real love until I was in college. Now, in my forties, I think owning my sexuality and being able to appreciate all things sensual is so wonderful. Embracing your senses and being aware of your sexual energy keeps you young and alive and is also good for your health. This is a deeply spiritual gift from God. You should know that your sexuality belongs to you and only you. Take ownership of it. Don’t depend on others to please you, but don’t give it away to those who don’t deserve that experience with you either. Knowing what brings you pleasure and understanding what turns you on before anyone else can is a natural thing. I am so grateful for that power.
You can just pick up and go as you please without any worries.

You can just pick up and go as you please without any worries.

Smiles...the secret to feeling youthful.

Smiles…the secret to feeling youthful.


You take better care of your body, mind and spirit, too.


My beautiful younger sister and I feeling fun and fearless in our forties…


We don’t leave the house without looking fabulous and polished :)


My friend David about to take me for a fun ride in one of his toys…

Goddess Rule #2 – Honoring Your Body

Aphrodite, the goddess that inspires my life.

Aphrodite, the goddess that inspires my life.

In order to really live a true goddess life, there are 11 rules that you must remember to honor. My post on July 11th, Goddess Rule #1, inspired some of you to make dramatic changes in your life, from pursuing the career of your dreams, to leaving an unsatisfying relationship, to changing your place of residence. I want you to know that it meant a lot to me and I am very proud of you for making those changes. By sharing, you have inspired me as well, more than you think you know. Thank you for that.

Today, I am sharing with you Goddess Rule #2 in my book and that rule is Honor Your Body. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and a moment to reflect. Have you given your body the attention and care that it really needs lately?  Without answering, I already know what many of you will say. Most of you are givers and you put others’ happiness before yourself. Remember the Giving Tree?

Besides exercising and getting enough sleep, honoring and respecting your body takes many forms. There are 3 most important ones for me. The first…pay attention to what you eat. Even though you might look great on the outside, if you are not healthy on the inside, then it does not really matter. Believe me, I know this from personal experience. Stay away from unnatural and overly processed and fried foods. When it comes to rich desserts and good wine, how about consuming them in moderation or just cutting them out completely? Being ruled by Venus in my chart, I enjoy both very much, so I keep them in moderation. It can taste amazing while eating and drinking , but not always amazing in how you feel afterwards.

Another important way that you can honor your body is to be selective in the products that you use to wash and moisturize. Most skincare and bath products out there are made of mostly alcohol and man-made chemicals. They not only make your skin dry and bring out more wrinkles, but they can also cause future skin irritations and problems. Just like your foods, read the ingredients carefully.  If you cannot eat it and the scent does not awaken your mind and lift your spirit, then do not buy it. More importantly, I truly believe you can heal your mind and body with the right natural products and slow down signs of aging, too. This is why I created my luxury aromatherapy bath and body collection. Especially after being on my feet styling or hosting a busy work event, I look forward to a luxurious and relaxing Aphrodite bath under candlelight and beautiful music. The scent of the essential oils in Aphrodite bath deliquescence is so intoxicating and heavenly that my bath experience is usually a 90-minute goddess experience. After your bath, slip into something soft and natural to allow the skin to breathe. Cotton and silks are my most preferred choices of fabrics to wear.

Lastly, the most important way you can respect and honor your body is by not allowing just anyone to have access to it. If you are married and with someone you are in love with, I am happy for you and that is a beautiful and magical thing. For my single goddesses, you should be very very selective and protective of sharing your body, especially to men that are not of a high caliber or your equal.  A true goddess knows herself and does not give easy access to her body to just any man.  As a matter a fact, I believe that a true goddess would rather wait and preserve her body for the titan of her dreams, the one that she is madly in love with and will walk into the sunset together forever.  Do not laugh at me for being overly romantic. It’s in my nature. I don’t know how to be any other way. :) I have written about this before in my What Not to Do on New Year’s Day list, but it’s worth sharing again :) Until next time…

Draping my body with beautiful clothes and jewels is always a favorite.


A true Goddess only wears what feels good against her skin.


Candlelight Aphrodite bath for the mind and body.


My simple and freshly made salad, all locally grown by farmers.


Winning at my favorite sport is always a good thing.

Italian Sophistication for Our American Titans

I love their looks!

I love their looks!

From classic Hollywood movies to the latest looks and magazines, Italian inspired fashion for men continues to be the ultimate preferred style.  The cuts, the colors, the textures, and the tailoring are impeccable, which is why tu-anh Boutique is excited about bringing Italian style and refinement to our American titans!

I was in Florence, Italy back in June for a buying trip with one of my style goddesses at the world’s biggest menswear fashion trade show, and that was an unexpected WOW experience!  Right after that, we headed over to Rome for some work and play. This time around in Rome, I did not want to leave. I discovered even more unique and amazing things as well as made new friends.  My favorite part was staying at the chic La Maison D’Art Suites, a family-owned boutique hotel in the heart of Rome. The location was perfect, the hotel was very clean and the service was exceptional!

The trip was a great balance of work, play, and new discoveries. Everywhere we went, there were no ill-dressed or unpolished titans.  Even the taxi drivers and the train attendants were polished, and I am not exaggerating.  Some of the local titans we met shared that they were taught by their fathers growing up that you do not leave your house unpolished. Since then, it has been their natural way of being. I love hearing that and I am determined to bring back the classic American Titan Style with a touch of Italian sophistication.

That is why we have partnered with J.Hilburn to offer made-to-measure Italian-style luxury suits and ready to wear to our male clientele.  The value-added part is that they no longer have to pay for my time to take them shopping.  Instead, the titans can just book an appointment to get fitted and styled by us goddesses at the sanctuary so they don’t have to deal with the stress of shopping malls and other crazy retailers.  Plus, our goddesses are beautiful and our place smells so heavenly, what titan would not want to be there? Below are some photos I shot from my Italian buying and sourcing trip. Not so bad for an iphone :) Enjoy!

P.S. If you happen to be around in the Old Town Alexandria area this Sunday, we have a 007 titan and goddess cocktail social from 4-8pm. Just stop in and join the fun.


Look at their shoes!


They pull off color so well!


The pants are a bit too short for my taste, but sharp though.


Even their walking shoes look good, unlike the big bulky ones that our American titans wear.

Everything about this titan is perfect!

They pull off these walking shoes so well with their suits!

I love men in linen suits!

Although this is nice, I would not want to see my titan in it.

Double-breasted is making a come back, but better if the titan is slim.

They really know how to pick their shoes!


Look how they match. Accessories are perfect head to toe!


Our polished titans infront of our sanctuary showing off their exotic toys.