Our Goddess Sanctuary Is Now Official!


Polished by tu-anh team celebrating tu-anh boutique sign being up

It starts with a dream, then a vision, then the action and persistence to make that vision come to life.  Along the way, there were failures,  bumpy rides and emotional roller coasters and those who care advising you to come down from the clouds.  But that inner divine voice, perhaps your guardian angel whispering, “follow your heart,” “don’t give up,” “believe in yourself.”

After all the years of hard work, drive, and passion, my biggest dream ever is no longer a dream: tu-anh boutique, a sanctuary for the modern day goddess, is in business.  Our grand opening is this weekend in Old Town Alexandria. It is a one-stop destination for that special woman.  She will be pampered with fashion, beauty, body luxury, inspiration, life and relationship advisory. We are determined to bring the inner goddess out of every woman that walks through our door.  All her senses will be awakened.

Check out some photos below. Can you feel the energy by just looking at the photos? See you at the grand opening this weekend. xoxo

Heal Your Body With Luxury

Vanilla, lavender, and patchouli bath fizzies from my Aphrodite garden

Vanilla, lavender, and patchouli bath fizzies with lavender and roses from my garden

If you have been following my recent posts, you saw the debut of “Earth Goddess” and “Chemistry“- the custom scents from my aromatherapy body luxury collection that we will be selling at tu-anh boutique. Here are a few more from the collection. These products were exclusively made for tu-anh boutique from my original, secret recipes. They are made from natural ingredients, including herbs and florals hand-picked and prepared by me from my very own Aphrodite garden.  Make bathing yourself an intimate and sensual ritual that you do regularly to nurture your spirit.  Our bath luxuries have a relaxing, sensual, and mood-enhancing effect- perfect for the end of a long day. Not to mention how great they smell and how your skin will glow.  Make sure to have candles and soft music to make it a complete experience.

Because everything is made with so much passion and all by hand, we have very limited quantity.  So you will have to come to our sanctuary at 113 South Washington Street in Old Town Alexandria to see, touch, smell, and experience them in person.  We will be selling online in the very near future for sure. Message me if you have any questions. Hugs…Love…tu-anh


Cinnamon, spearmint, and lemongrass bath fizzies. These smell amazing!!!!


“Earth Goddess” being packaged

Aromatherapy love soaps with my garden herbs and roses

Aromatherapy handmade and hand-cut essential oil soaps with herbs and flower petals from my garden

Chemistry Is Everything in a Relationship

Painting by Stefan Kuhn, perfect for bringing intimacy into your love life

Art by Stefan Kuhn

Earlier this week, I shared with you Earth Goddess, and I received quite a few emails from the ladies around the world about how excited they are to try the luxurious and healing body creme. Today, after months of testing and weeks of surveying on the name, I am proud to present to you:


An intense spark between two beings that words cannot express, sometimes fleeting, but most often, intoxicating.

Emotionally healing and luxurious whipped body creme made with love from essential oils

Do you feel intoxicated already just from reading the words? I am sure all or some of you have, at one point in your life, experienced that intense and profound connection with another human being.  I know I have. That is where I got the inspiration for the words above. The essential oils and ingredients in this mix are combined together with one purpose in mind. That is to help you attract more intimacy and love into your life and help bring out the inner titan and goddess within you. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, Chemistry will deepen that bond you currently have. Who would not want that? Don’t we all have the desire to experience that chemistry with another being?

The bedroom is a sacred and special place where we let our vulnerability exposed with our significant other or the object of our desire in the most intimate way. It should make you feel sensual, romantic, and free to express your vulnerability. I hope you like the art above by Stefan Kuhn.

I finalized the recipe for Chemistry yesterday and it is going into packaging and will be in our boutique by November 1. I can’t wait to see your expression when you massage it onto your skin.