Santorini, My Love


Bag and gold necklace bought last year in Mykonos, dress bought off the beach in Ibiza this past May

So I have shared with you how much I love visiting the Greek Islands, and I hope you have enjoyed all of the photos from my recent buying trip.  Before returning home, I had to visit Santorini, where my future vacation home will be (smiles). The views are stunning and the water oh so blue.  Next year, I will be returning for much longer to rejuvenate and re-energize and of course, not in August. It was so hot and sunny that I got a tan from just walking around. It must be the white, the blue water, the clean surroundings and being so high up- so dreamy and romantic. See for yourself in the photos below!

Let’s Get To Work On September 17!


Nini tagging along to help style.

Happy Wednesday! Oh my, it is hard to believe that this year’s Fashion of Goodwill Runway show is just around the corner. I am so pleased about how everything is coming together. DJ Heather Femia and I are finalizing the music soundtracks for the show this week and we are already working on the choreography, fitting the models, and doing last minute accessorizing, which includes shopping for more items from the local Goodwill stores to feature in the show. Oh, did I tell you that Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted shopping at the Falls Church Goodwill store the other day? Check out the photos below for a glimpse into the colors, patterns, and textures that I will be featuring in the show. Want to volunteer and help my team and I backstage and experience what it is like behind all the Glam? Just message me.


It’s in the color and textures.


You can never go wrong with black and white.


Animal prints are big this season.

How to Achieve a Polished Image


photo (7)Changing your appearance is not about the notion of perfection; it’s about the re-transformation of defining who you are. Some people start from inside and then out and some like to do it the other way around.  Here are my 10 tips on how you can achieve a polished image and improve your life.

1. Define your image. The image you create directs what is possible for you. Who do you want to be? How do you want to look?

2. Create your image. What is your current image? What is your new desired image?

3. Picture your image. Does the image you visualize fit who you are and who you want to be in the future?

4. Dress the part. Choose how you want to look based on who you are inside and reflect that person through your appearance.

5. Accessorize. A key principle to sharp dressing, “accessories make the outfit.” Add 1-3 unique accessories to every outfit you wear to dress it up.

6. Quality, not quantity. When shopping, purchase quality, unique, and timeless items.

7. Color coordinate your wardrobe. It will save you a lot of time trying to put outfits together. Start with your signature color, then black and white, and then accessories in interesting prints, textures, and colors. Choose colors that are opposite your moods for balance.

8. Know your body. Knowing your body shape and size will help you in choosing the types of clothing that will flatter and highlight your best body features.

9. Dress for the occasion. Before getting dressed, know where you are going, what you will be doing, and who you will be seeing. No matter the occasion, it’s always better to dress up than dress down.

10. Dress from the top down. The first thing people see is your face; choose styles, colors, necklaces, earrings, scarves, hairstyles, and the right  make-up that will enhance you.

If you have ideas and comments to share, I love to hear them.