Keep The Accessory Simple…With Just A Belt!

Do you ever struggle when it comes to accessorizing your wardrobe to make it look unique and stylish? Do you feel like you don’t know which earrings, belt, shoes, or the perfect accessory to wear with your dress?  Then you must come to the Good as New fashion event next Tuesday, April 22 at the beautiful EPIC YOGA DC.  My team and I will be there to help you. It’s easy and simple. There is no need for you to think about it ahead. We will help make you look good!  There are a lot to choose from…styles, colors, sizes, patterns, and textures. You can look like a million bucks for under $99! How fashionably fabulous is that? Instead of going out to a happy hour after work that is not so healthy for you, come let us polish your style and look for the Spring season and at the same time connect with other like-minded professionals who love supporting a good cause!

Check out the video below I shot from my phone of Randy styling model Alex.  This cute little number will be for sale at the event along with the belt for less than $49!  Can you believe it? The look is clean, fresh, feminine and down to earth. Perhaps I may purchase it for myself that night!  See you there!

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6 Things I Cannot Live Without


Took this at Brenman Park by my house.  Love the rebirth of Nature.

When you think about what you really need in life – not what you want but what you truly need – could you distill it down to fewer than 10 things?  I have been thinking a lot about this topic this year as I continue to reflect on what I’m calling my “tu-anh year,” the year where I live my life simply for myself and discovering my true life’s purpose.

In that spirit, I have listed below the six things that I cannot live without other than food and shelter.  I try to incorporate nearly all of these things into my life everyday, from meditating in the morning to going for a walk with my beloved Nini in the afternoon to enjoying good and healthy food, friends, and family in the evenings and weekends.  What are the things you cannot live without?  Love to hear your thoughts!

1. Love - More than food and shelter, this is what feeds my soul and spirit.  We all need it in my opinion. When there is love, war does not exist.

2. Prayers/God - I don’t know what decisions I would make and where I would be if I did not have prayers in my life daily.

3. Family - I would die and do anything for my family.  This is where I feel loved, connected, and safe.

4. Music - I love the sounds of beautiful music. It brings calmness, inspiration and harmony to my world. It also lifts my spirits when I feel down.

5. Books - Knowledge is key. I learn a lot through reading.  I love holding a book feeling and flipping the pages of it. Since I am a visual person, looking at my bookshelves and being able to see the titles charges my brain. Digital books do not serve me that way.

6. Nature - I am so glad to be living where nature is just right outside my door step. I feel a sense of freedom when I am with nature.  Every place I have ever lived, I have always had fresh plants and flowers in my space. The air feels cleaner and fresher.

Well, what do you think of my list?



Paint the Town Red!

As you know, I think you should always have fresh red flowers by your bedside, along with red pillows and candles.  It’s the secret to keeping your bedroom inviting and exciting for passionate love-making and attracting romance, but at the same time calming and clean to promote a good night’s sleep.

But red at the moment is also a great color to add to your wardrobe and make your mark around town!  It denotes power, authority, and fearlessness, as well as gives off sex appeal, for both men and women.  Now do you see why I think you should have some red in your life?

Start expressing your inner red through how you dress.  Below are more sneak peeks of what you will find at the Good As New trunk show my Polished by tu-anh team and I are producing to benefit Goodwill of Greater Washington.  Happy Friday and see you in a few weeks!

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Wenli rarely wears red so we styled her in a sexy red number to show off her beautiful body.


A lot of selections from various designers and sizes both for work and play.

As you can see red is also a popular fearless and bold choice for one of our executive clients.

As you can see red is also a popular fearless and bold choice for one of our executive clients.